That which like a thread runs through or holds together everything...

Welcome to The Crystalline Sutras.

You were born to make your dreams come true, I know this.

You came here to share your gifts with the world, and be rewarded for being you.

Aligning with the truth of who you are 

Letting yourself be heard

To share what is on your heart

To share your transformation

To share your song

Your story 

You art 

Your magic

Together we are elevating the frequency of what is possible.

Join me inside of this container to be immersed inside of this virtual temple.

To write the sutra of your life...

Feel what it's like to be supported...held...and nourished.

Together we journey to know thyself, clearly and powerfully.

Embracing your wild intuitive nature to create the life of your dreams!

Take me in!

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Christina...

It is my mission in life to use my gifts to inspire and motivate others. I am passionate about helping women awaken to their own personal empowerment and creativity!

I would love to journey with you in the discovery of your most creative and abundant self. That highest self. That divine awareness. The you who can do anything. The you who knows you can achieve what your heart desires. The you who becomes the vessel for the divine to work through.

I am a self taught artist, business owner, mother, creative muse and I consider it my life's work to motivate and inspire.

People know me on Instagram as @Christina_Sutra where I get to share in a beautiful community of souls who empower and inspire each other. This platform has organically grown to almost 70K beautiful beings and I just love being able to join forces to unearth our unique visions and embrace our gifts, so that we can truly step into our dreams with confidence and trust.

I am passionate about personal power and authenticity, because it has unlocked so much prosperity and happiness for me. It is my wish that this content truly assists you along your journey. I cannot wait to welcome you into my world!

Loving you ~


Example Curriculum

  The Crystalline Sutras
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days after you enroll
  Sutra II
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sutra III
Available in days
days after you enroll
  𓂀 Sutra IIII
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What's inside....

As a visual learner myself, I know the value of providing a variety of different learning material.

Inside this course, you will find worksheets, journal prompts, video trainings, as well as visual and audio content.

3 hours of video trainings in total

2 embodiment practice videos

Never before seen content

Intimate insight into my world

Guest speaker: Karen Marie, Past Life Reader

5D business fundamentals

Pineal activation & presentation

Exclusive access to private Facebook group with

live calls and a guest speaker

Opportunity to interact with me live on bi-weekly zoom calls

Lifetime access to material

Week 1

 Crystalline Vision

Gain crystalline vision of your life and purpose through

self exploration. All things energy and manifestation!

Exclusive access to my personal practices and routines.

Week 2

Ecstatic Authenticity

Step into your ecstatic authenticity to cultivate

unshakable trust in yourself.

Learn what it means to trust yourself and own your power.

How abundance is related to our authenticity.

Week 3

Divine Action

Take action aligned with your values.

Manifest your wildest dreams.

Orgasmic manifestation technique.

What it takes to cultivate a sustainable business; 5D business principles.

Week 4

The Embodied Mystic

You have everything you need.

Let your wild nature lead you.

This is where we learn how to stay inspired and coach ourselves!

Lifetime access to content

Once purchased you will have access to this material for a lifetime! Come back to it whenever you need.

Community support 

We will have live calls as we journey through this content, to stay connected and inspired! This is a space where we can interact in real time, and I will provide group support and Q&A sessions.

Private Facebook Group

Once enrolled in The Crystalline Sutras you will be invited to a private Facebook group. This is where all members of this program will be able to communicate and share. This is a powerful aspect of community that many of us are craving! We re-wild our spirit and we do it together!

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What others have to say...

"47 years old here. 48 in Sept. I feel the same way. I don't like to share my age bc of age shaming but you have spun my life around. Thank you seems trite, but it's all I've got to give you. Thank you Christina. I'm becoming the woman I always knew I could be. Slowly, but surely."

"Thank you so much for your podcast. I've been listening to them everyday as I get ready for work. My whole entire mind has shifted. I'm working daily on my business. My flow state has been so much more abundant and I feel like I'm finally living my truth. I notice small things have changed and shifted in my life by just changing my thoughts and hearing your voice sparks me to make an impact towards myself. Sitting here in tears because I am so grateful I started following you and watching you grow along your journey. You are an inspiration. A goddess. A queen."

"I just want to say thank you because your podcasts are pulling me out of my deep depression. they are waking me up they are giving me that inspiration, that guidance, that knowing that I'm not alone. You're living your life on your terms, and that is what I want and that is hat I'm gonna do. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart."

The Crystalline Sutras

This content is intended for individual use only. Any reproduction or sharing of this content is not permitted. This course is under copy write protection and will not be shared. Sharing boomerangs and short clips of any videos is permitted, as long as I am tagged and notified. All sales are final and non-refundable. The results you achieve in this course is based solely on your own willingness to put this information into practice. Ultimately, it is our own willingness to venture into our own wild nature, so that we may discover hidden worlds within us. Join me, let us rewild our spirits, together.